This is a collection of jokes and short stories about Buddhism and practice.  Enjoy!

Did you hear about the new Buddhist vacuum?  It doesn't have any attachments.  

What did the Buddhist say at the hot dog vendor?   Make me one with everything!

Someone sent the Buddha a gift box tied with a ribbon. Buddha opened it to find it empty. “Aha!”, he said, “Just what I wanted. Nothing!”  (from the Elephant Journal)

Have you tried to new Buddhist multivitamin?  It is called "Just B".

Glad to see my Buddhist friends join and chant in the protests Everyone knows the more Ohms- the greater the resistance!!!!

One Buddhist asked another Buddhist, "How's life?" The second Buddhist answered, "I've had better."


What did the Buddhist monk say when asked to leave his temple? 'Nah imma stay.'


What does a Linkin Park fan and a Buddhist monk have in common?

They both know that in the end, it doesn’t even matter.


My Buddhist friend just gave me a “Nirvana” scented candle.

It smells like Teen Spirit.


did you hear about the buddhist who refused novocain during a root-canal?

he wanted to transcend dental medication.

What do you call a Monk who eats tortilla chips?

A Chip Monk